Who am I?

My name is Jennifer Iannaconi and my chosen job title is “Chaos Managment Artist” because I bring order to chaos with flair.

I am also a webmaster, a marketing consultant, a web developer, a tech support rep, a proofreader, a geek, and a nerd.

I’m originally from NJ but I currently reside in Western Massachusetts with my husband, our dog, and one pampered jumping spider. Our house is also home to several uninvited spiders, and a group of really brazen mice.

I have a degree in Educational Toy Design from Hampshire College. Hampshire is an alternative school where you build your own course of study, get evaluations instead of grades and write papers instead of taking tests. Educational Toy Design was a study of toys and play as a means to educate children. My curriculum involved three-dimensional and graphic design work alongside child development and education courses.

Now I bet you’re wondering how my degree relates to marketing, I just recently figured this out myself! During my studies, I learned that adults are most likely to play in a way called verbal swaggering. Verbal swaggering is a playful competition where each person tries to up the next by telling a better / funnier / crazier story. Examples of this can be seen in satirical hashtag trends threads on Twitter and at dinner parties that devolve into people yelling out which Youtube video to play next. When Wendy’s roasts someone on Twitter? That is where marketing and verbal swaggering meet.

You can view my resume on LinkedIn.com

What is Strange Child Productions?

Strange Child is the umbrella company for all of my zany endeavors.

This site is dedicated to marketing and web development. You can find a full list of the services I offer on my Website Help page.

I also have a meetup group:
Professional Networking for Freaks and Geeks – A monthly meetup for goths & gamers running their own businesses.

and an online boutique:
Valkyrie Apparel – Size Inclusive Clothing for the Strange & Unusual (notice a trend?)

and a movie review site:
I Watched it On Purpose – A blog dedicated to bad movie watching

Have Questions? Let’s talk:

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