Who am I?

My name is Jennifer Iannaconi and I was hatched from a dragon’s egg three decades ago and kidnapped by foolish mortals… ok, not really.

I’m originally from NJ but I currently reside in Western Massachusetts with my husband and our dog. Our house is also home to several uninvited spiders and a group of really brazen mice.

I have a degree in Educational Toy Design from Hampshire College. Hampshire is an alternative school where you build your own course of study, get evaluations instead of grade and write papers instead of taking tests. I combined child development, education and design classes and my thesis project was a set of educational action figures. (And my prototypes were made out of Fimo.)

Alas, I discovered that Corporate America is not for me, and instead of taking the toy world by storm, I spent several years as a webmaster for a small company that sells daily living aids for senior citizens and people with disabilities and now I offer my skills to small businesses in the Pioneer Valley.

In Industry-Jargon-Speak: My expertise is in targeted marketing and site usability. Targeted Marketing / Search Engine Optimization is all about finding and using the right keywords to describe your product and attract the right customer to your business. As for usability: If you’ve ever been to a web store and you couldn’t find anything, and nothing worked right, and the shopping cart gave you a migraine… well that company doesn’t have a usability expert designing their site. My goal as a webmaster is to make sure your questions are answered before you ask them.

What is Strange Child Productions?

The umbrella company for all of my zany endeavors.

Website Creation and Maintenance

Professional Networking for Freaks and Geeks

Lydia’s List – A Calendar for the Strange & Unusual

Valkyrie Apparel – Size Inclusive Clothing for the Strange & Unusual (notice a trend?)

I Watched it On Purpose – A blog dedicated to bad movie watching

Have Questions? Let’s talk:

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